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WesGold Fellows

WesGold Fellows

Our 2024 Application is Now Open!

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Ready, Set, Pitch!

Are you in high school and looking for a job? Do you want to touch up your resume or need a new professional headshot? Maybe you'd like to learn how to make smart money moves or you have a business you want to pitch for a cash investment? Join us on Saturday, April 13th as we help Philly's youngest job seeker's and entrepreneurs as they prepare to successfully apply for jobs and internships. Attendees will have the chance to win door prizes, raffles and even participate in a Pitch Competition with a real cash prize! Don't wait, space is limited so reserve your spot now!

Forging the Visionaries of Tomorrow

WesGold Fellows is a comprehensive youth development program for students between the ages of 14 and 21. VestedIn provides a paid personal and professional development opportunity for high school and college youth focused on financial literacy, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

We are VestedIn, developing the next generation of leaders.

Bridging the Wealth Gap One Youth at a Time

Our Fellows benefit from an experiential learning curriculum that allows them to put their education into action. Each week is dedicated to workshops, field trips, and training. Every Fellow is eligible for a savings match from VestedIn of up to $2,000!
Education is the key to bridging the gap between wealth disparity and generational prosperity. WesGold Fellows stands in the gap by offering high school and college students an interactive program that teaches finance, real estate, planning, and more!

Shaping New Dreams and Opportunities

The WesGold Fellows program enables its participants to learn vital professional and life skills that they will employ far beyond the 8-weeks of the internship. Our Fellows come in with fresh minds and untapped ability. By assisting them with digging deep into their own talent reserves and bolstering their gifts with essential learning opportunities, our Fellows leave our program with a better sense of themselves, goals for the future, and the tools necessary to achieve them.
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For 13 years VestedIn has empowered the youngest residents of Philadelphia through WesGold Fellows. WesGold Fellows is a vigorous 8-week paid summer internship program. Starting at 15 and now reaching up to 60 students, our fellows are guided through curriculum-based instruction, experiential learning opportunities, uniquely engaging field trips, and professional development training that provides invaluable skills they need to make wise decisions and the tools to develop a plan for success and execution.

In 2023 we provided $104,935 in youth wages to 50 Fellows