Making the heartbeat of the
Community Stronger

Since its inception in 1997,

VestedIn (formerly West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution) has been referred to as the “economic engine” of the community. First serving West Philadelphia’s Empowerment Zone and now serving six additional counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, VestedIn believes in uplifting the three components that are at the heart of every neighborhood:


Breaking Cycles…Building Wealth

Our mission is to facilitate empowerment and wealth building through investment in communities. VestedIn takes the moving parts of our community and converts that power into tangible actions that propels motion that lasts for generations.
Our values are rooted in Ideas, Inclusion, Fairness, Transparency, Independence, Perseverance, and Opportunity.
We are the economic engine that will create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

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