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VestedIn has the business loans to meet your business’ needs. Pre-qualify for one of our Small Business Loans!

Why work with VestedIn?

VestedIn is a community lender, but being a source to procure loans is just a fraction of who VestedIn is. We’re in the community because we are dedicated to the community. We’re here to serve low-income neighborhoods that have historically been locked out of the financial system. VestedIn is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) that offers an alternative to obtain the necessary capital to start a business, make improvements or expand a business through low interest business loans. Our financial programs include a minimum of 1.5 hours of free technical assistance and are here to guide you whether your loan is approved or denied. While applying for a loan through a bank is possible, we take a holistic approach to the lending process and don't solely rely on your credit. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships and the creation of generational wealth.

We’re dedicated to partnering with your business and providing you with the resources to continue to build in the future.

Available Loan Programs

VestedIn provides small business loans for: Working Capital, Purchasing Real Estate, Renovation or Construction on an Existing Building, Purchasing Inventory, Taking Advantage of Business Opportunities, and Purchasing Equipment or Furniture. The best place to start is here. Typical application requirements are:
  1. Business tax returns for the last three years
  2. Personal tax returns for the last three years
  3. Personal financial statement
  4. Minimum credit score of 600
  5. Description for use of funds

Expedited Loans

VestedIn Expedited Loan Program provides financing from $1,000 to $25,000 to eligible small businesses.
  • Simplified loan process
  • Variety of loan uses
  • Faster loan processing
  • Loan approval within 7 days of completed application

Direct Loans

Direct Loan Program provides loans from $1000 ‐ $100,000 to eligible small businesses.
  • Underwriting not solely based on your credit score
  • 1 on 1 conversations to understand your request
  • Matching the right loan product to match your need
  • Multiple sources of internal capital
  • Experienced community lenders

100 Plus Loans

Provides loans $100,000 and up by securing your loan terms by searching the marketplace for the right deal that fits your needs.
  • We find the best choices
  • You save time
  • Multiple financing options
  • Efficient loan search

SBA Microloans

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides funds to specific designated intermediary lenders, such as nonprofit community-based organizations with experience in lending as well as management and technical assistance. VestedIn is an intermediary trusted to administer its Microloan program for eligible borrowers.

What is the loan application process?

The applicant submits a completed on-line application to VestedIn for review, at which time a thorough credit analysis is performed. For applications that receive a positive credit evaluation, the loan is presented to VestedIn’s Loan Committee and/or the Board of Directors. Following loan approval, VestedIn issues a commitment letter to the applicant. Settlement of the loan may occur once the terms of the commitment letter are satisfied by the applicant.

Do you want to find out if you pre-qualify for a small business loan?