Developing the
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"If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."

- Albert Einstein
Our curriculum-based internship is structured to clearly communicate themes which may be unfamiliar to young adults using comprehensible language and methods. Each week focuses on a specific subject, with multiple components designed to complement and reinforce one another through group activities and project-based learning over the course of the eight-week internship.

Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities

MONDAY: Theme workshop
TUESDAY: Speaker presentations
WEDNESDAY: Experiential learning trips
THURSDAY: Presentations & financial literacy games

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Personal Development
Fellows are empowered to expand their perspectives, realize their potential, and build character.
Week 2: Effective Communication
Fellows learn how to communicate professionally and network effectively.
Week 3: Personal Finance
Fellows learn the keys to financial success, including how money works.
Week 4: Investing
Fellows learn how to strategically invest their money, energy, and time.
Week 5: Entrepreneurship & Community Impact
Fellows learn how to leverage their skills, passions and interests into rewarding careers, while also learning how to use their power to benefit others.
Week 6: Real Estate & Construction
Fellows learn the importance of real estate investment and home ownership.
Week 7: College Planning
Fellows explore their college and career interests and create a path to get there.
Week 8: Career Development
Fellows learn through doing and build richer, more significant connections.