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We manage financial resources consistent with the macroeconomic vision and study how they affect the overall health.

Who We Are

Fully committed to being the link that connects business, community and you.

VestedIn provides capital and other resources to support Businesses, uplifts and offers opportunities and resources to maintain and expand the vitality of the Community which creates a strong foundation for You and your family for generations to come.
A community lender offering loans, grants, technical services, and other programs to support, enhance, and grow your business.
A bridge standing in the gap between generational poverty and wealth disparity.
Working together to strengthen the foundation of our community.

Same Partner, New Name

We believe in reciprocal relationships. When you serve your community, it will serve you back.

You may have known us as West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution, WPFSI, or West Philly Financial. For 25 years we have served West Philadelphia as the “Economic Engine” that provides capital to small businesses and entrepreneurs and the bridge that connects financial literacy and wealth building within the community.
Today we are known by a different name…VestedIn. Our name has changed, but our mission to break the cycles that cause poverty and build generational wealth remains the same.
Jim Burnett
Jim Burnett

“VestedIn was founded as West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution to provide economic development leadership and resources to the West Philadelphia Empowerment Zone. Since our founding, we have expanded our reach to seven counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, but we will always remain committed to the goals of enriching the lives and businesses of West Philadelphia.”

Our Services

Championing growth through our services.

Business Lending
WesGold Fellows
Financial Education
Technical Assistance
Business Forecast


VestedIn is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) lender that provides loans of up to $100,000 to businesses and entrepreneurs in Philadelphia as well as six other counties within Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for the purposes of business expansion, equipment purchases, inventory and to support overall business growth.

Is your business as fiscally healthy as it can be?

VestedIn believes in equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with the skills and tools necessary to run a successful small business. Every client receives a minimum of 1.5 hours of free technical assistance, as well as post-financing technical assistance. We are here to strategize with you, answer your questions and assist you in taking your business where you dreamed it would be.

The Facts

Since our inception, VestedIn has provided:

$ 5500000
Direct Financing
Leading to an increase of sale, and customer satisfaction.
$ 70000000
Leverage Capital
Through VestedIn financial partners.
1600 +
Jobs Created
Relating to finance and economic development.


WesGold Fellows

WesGold Fellows is a comprehensive youth development program for underrepresented, underserved students between the ages of 14 and 21. VestedIn provides a paid personal and professional development opportunity for high school and college youth focused on financial literacy, real estate, and entrepreneurship.


(B-Smart) is an entrepreneurship program created in partnership with Drexel University and the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative. The program takes local entrepreneurs and early-stage companies through an intensive 10-week training on core business topics such as marketing and operations, technology for small businesses, business planning, and finance and capital.

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Community begins with the individual staring back at you when you gaze at the mirror. Each of us is a small fragment of something larger, that holds each of us and shapes us. Community is the foundation and each of us is a cornerstone. When a community understands who they are and what they care about, a power begins to bloom that no one can uproot.
The power that makes our community unique and strong comes from within. Whether it’s educating and empowering the youngest members of the community or providing pre/post financing technical assistance and the funds for the businesses within the community, VestedIn is a hands-on organization that is devoted to ensuring the stones thrown in our community have the greatest ripple effect possible.
More than just a lender, VestedIn is a community partner ready to work with you!

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